Helen Pye

Senior Regulatory Affairs Consultant

In my main role at Enviresearch, I am responsible for a variety of tasks related to the registration of biocidal products in Europe, in accordance with both the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) and national transitional measures. I specialise in the compilation of technical dossiers, as well as providing risk assessment expertise and developing scientific justifications for data waivers or bridging arguments. This includes employing human risk assessment exposure models and environmental risk assessment methodologies to evaluate exposure levels and ensure the safe use of products.

In additon, I conduct data gap analysis reports, complete technical equivalence reviews, and perform operator exposure and consumer risk assessments, alongside residue evaluations for plant protection product (PPP) and REACH dossiers.

BSc, marine biology with oceanography, University of Southampton
MSc, marine environmental protection, University of Wales, Bangor
PhD, marine biology and surface chemistry, Newcastle University

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