Leading experts in assessing environmental exposure

With a proven track record of delivery that spans over 20 years, Enviresearch is a recognised industry leader in understanding and assessing the fate and behaviour of pesticides in the environment. We specialise in delivering higher-tier environmental risk assessment solutions to ensure compliance with chemical regulations in the UK and EU.

Our environmental fate scientists are highly regarded across industry and academia, and actively participate in model development, engage with the environmental modelling community, and contribute to regulatory and test guideline development and reviews.

With expertise in kinetic evaluations, exposure modelling, and dossier preparation, our team will cover the full range of environmental fate work, offering trusted expertise and delivering innovative solutions for regulatory compliance.

Our services

Environmental modelling for core assessments and for national authorisations

  • Modelling assessments using the latest models and procedures (STEP 1–2, SWASH, MACRO, PRZM, TOXSWA, PEARL, PELMO, SWAN, VFSMOD, EPAT) including mitigation and refinements
  • National requirements for EU countries, such as Nordic PECsoil, Nordic scenarios, UK higher-tier drainflow assessments (MACRO), TOXSWA-NL and GeoPEARL, EVA, EXPOSIT, ESCAPE, FROGS
  • Specialist modelling for specific uses, such as greenhouses or home and garden uses (GEM, MedRice, HardSPEC) and adaptation of existing models and scenarios for specific uses

 Higher-tier approaches and problem solving

  • Probabilistic modelling, spatial assessments, model adaptations and refinements
  • Aged sorption studies and kinetics for higher-tier groundwater assessments (PEARLNEQ)
  • Gap analysis to assess potential uses of a product across all crops
  • Assessments with Acre to explore wide-ranging options for risk mitigation

 Kinetic assessments and endpoint derivation

  • Kinetic modelling for derivation of degradation half-lives (DT50) from degradation studies in soil and water-sediment (CAKE, KinGUI, ModelMaker) according to FOCUS degradation kinetics guidance
  • Normalisation and derivation of degradation half-lives (DegT50) from terrestrial field dissipation studies
  • Coordination and study monitoring for field studies and higher-tier studies, advice on data requirements and testing strategy and analysis of field and semi-field data (e.g., lysimeters, greenhouses)

Risk assessments and dossier preparation

  • Preparation of environmental fate sections of the dossier, including national addenda
  • Working closely with the rest of the team to find solutions for the risk assessment and to ensure consistency across the dossier sections
  • Post-submission support, responses to questions from authorities and preparation of position papers


Other expertise

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