An assessment of the pesticide residues that occur in/on crops following treatment with plant protection products (PPP) is a core regulatory requirement for any such product that is intended to be registered for sale and/or use in the UK or EU.

The ultimate objective of the assessment can be seen as two-fold, namely

  • establishing the maximum residue level (MRL) expected from intended use(s) of the product
  • enabling consumer-risk assessments to be performed to assess if chronic or acute dietary exposure to the residues will lead to unacceptable risks to human health.

Enviresearch consultants are experienced in performing residues assessments to support PPP authorisations in the UK and EU, covering all key technical aspects, including assessing, handling and interpreting

  • residues storage stability data in crop and animal matrices
  • primary and rotational crop metabolism data
  • animal metabolism data
  • primary and rotational crop magnitude of residues studies
  • livestock dietary burden calculations and livestock feeding studies
  • processing studies
  • MRL calculations
  • chronic and acute consumer risk assessments using the EFSA primo and UK-specific NEDI/NESTI models

These above areas of technical expertise are offered via a range of services our consultants provide, including:

  • data gap analysis of residues data packages against the data requirements of Regulation (EU) No 283/2013
  • design and commissioning of supervised residues field trials
  • full authoring of draft registration report (dRR) metabolism and residues sections (Part B.7) including analysis and regulatory interpretation of all supporting data, performing livestock dietary burden calculations, MRL calculations, and chronic/acute consumer risk assessments
  • preparation of MRL applications – petitioning for new/modified MRLs or import tolerances in Great Britain and/or the EU.

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