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Welcome to Enviresearch

Enviresearch exists to provide the best regulatory and risk assessment service in Europe for the global chemical industry. Our dedicated group of consultants recognise that technical excellence is just the start. Our customers need flexible thinking, friendly communications and innovative solutions. In other words, we are here to listen, to discuss, to decide on a strategy and to follow that strategy through until it is complete.

Part of the Enviresearch mission is to be a beacon of what consultancy should really be. We engage with academic research and invest in new ideas to ensure that we are at the cutting edge of science. Our customers deserve nothing less.

Our experts have come together from a range of backgrounds: agronomy, chemistry, environmental fate, ecology, endocrine disruption, risk assessment and regulatory affairs. This is the place where you will find your specialist consultant.

Our News

  • Preparing efficient Poison Centre Notification (PCN) submissions

    PCN Web Banner

    Poison Centre Notifications have been a legal requirement for many products since 1st January 2021. From a technical standpoint, completing a PCN submission doesn’t need the same scientific expertise required to complete a full product registration...however, collating and compiling the mandatory data for your PCN can be a time-consuming task and, as always, nuances within the online systems involved can make the process frustrating for the applicant.

    Here we’ll look at the PCN submission process, the data requirements, and challenges to be aware of, ensuring that your PCN submissions are as stress-free as possible.

    2022-03-31 13:37:47

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  • Endocrine Disruption: What’s coming and how you can prepare

    ED Roadmap Header

    2022 is the year we’re expecting to see the most significant updates to Endocrine Disruption assessments for REACH and BPR in over 5 years. Here we’ll talk about what’s coming and the steps you can take to make sure you’re prepared for these changes.

    2022-03-22 15:29:21

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  • Field Trials Without Tribulations

    Field Trials Without Tribulations

    The 2022 field trial season is upon us and with it comes the challenges of managing these projects, from assessing efficacy data gaps and managing your trial programmes, through to compiling your Biological Assessment Dossier and other registration documents. It can be an onerous journey to navigate but if you’re looking for a partner to support you, we can help you every step of the way.

    2022-03-17 10:34:50

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