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Enviresearch exists to provide the best regulatory and risk assessment service in Europe for the global chemical industry. Our dedicated group of consultants recognise that technical excellence is just the start. Our customers need flexible thinking, friendly communications and innovative solutions. In other words, we are here to listen, to discuss, to decide on a strategy and to follow that strategy through until it is complete.

Part of the Enviresearch mission is to be a beacon of what consultancy should really be. We engage with academic research and invest in new ideas to ensure that we are at the cutting edge of science. Our customers deserve nothing less.

Our experts have come together from a range of backgrounds: agronomy, chemistry, environmental fate, ecology, endocrine disruption, risk assessment and regulatory affairs. This is the place where you will find your specialist consultant.

Our News

  • We're hiring in Europe

    We're hiring in Europe

    An excellent opportunity to take the lead role in the Portuguese office of a successful regulatory and risk assessment consultancy. You will use you project management skills to coordinate the preparation of registration dossiers mainly for national plant protection product applications; you will work closely with the UK based management and technical expert teams and act as principal consultant, contact for clients, and help manage the growth of the regulatory services in Portugal and other Southern EU countries.

    2022-07-28 13:02:38

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  • Regulatory compliance checks - Importance of remaining compliant

    Regulatory compliance checks - Importance of remaining compliant

    A recent report published by Ireland's Health and Safety Authority (HSA) confirmed that checks carried out on 970 chemicals products during 2021 for compliance with REACH, CLP and the detergents regulation resulted in 87 products being removed from the market and a further 61 banned from sale to the general public. Products were predominantly banned or removed from the market due to non-compliance with CLP requirements or because they contained restricted substances or substances subject to authorisation under REACH. 

    2022-06-29 10:36:19

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  • Planning your Article 43 PPP Renewals: Data Gap Analysis

    Planning your Article 43 PPP Renewals: Data Gap Analysis

    In a recent examination of Open EFSA Portal by Enviresearch, we identified there to be around 70+ active substances currently which have reached the EFSA Peer Review stage of the renewal procedure. Additionally, a review of the EU Pesticides Database showed there to have been 15 active substance renewals that have entered into force since the beginning of 2021. Whilst there have clearly been long-standing issues concerning capacity gaps for National Competent Authorities and EFSA in stewarding active substances through renewal procedures, our examination of the last 18 months indicates there is a steady stream of active substance renewal making their way through the system.

    2022-06-29 10:34:20

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