Poison Centre Notifications Compliance Deadline is Just Around the Corner

By the 1st of January 2024, importers and downstream users of industrial use only mixtures that have human health and/or physical hazards need to submit a poison centre notification (PCN) to comply with the harmonised requirements outlined in Annex VIII to the CLP regulation.   

Industrial use only mixtures are those that are exclusively used at industrial sites and not available to consumer or professional users. The compliance deadline for consumer and professional users of these products has already passed. 

A transitional period, until the 1st of January 2025, may apply to mixtures already notified at national level, however after that, all notifications must be submitted in the harmonised format. 

Poison Centre Notification 

The new requirements require the submission of a PCN to each Member State that the product is placed. PCNs contain details of the mixtures, full composition, health or physical hazard classifications, toxicological information and unique formula identifier (UFI) and are submitted via IUCLID. 

Limited Submission 

Industrial use mixtures have the option of making a “limited submission”, where information from the Safety Data Sheet can be used. However, if this option is taken then a contact person, available 24/7 and with rapid access to detailed product information, must be named. 

In addition to limited submission, the UFI may only be required to be indicated in Section 1.1 of the SDS and not on the label if the hazardous mixture is exclusively used at an industrial site. 

Next Steps 

Biocidal products and plant protection products are within the scope of this obligation. If you require any assistance with the preparation and submission of PCNs for your industrial mixtures, please get in contact our head of Regulatory Affairs, Priya Patel