Enviresearch and Linmark Consulting working together to provide regulatory support for biocidal products in Switzerland

We are delighted to announce that Enviresearch are now working with Linmark Consulting to provide our clients with regulatory support for registering biocidal products in Switzerland. This collaboration will complement Enviresearch’s existing services in supporting businesses with gaining biocidal product registrations in Great Britain (GB) and the European Union (EU). 

Enviresearch has been helping businesses navigate the often-complex authorization process for biocidal products in EU Member States since the implementation of the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) in 2013. More recently, Enviresearch has also been supporting businesses place products on the GB market and manage the transition from compliance with EU BPR to the GB BPR since its introduction as of 1st January 2021 following Brexit. With a team of experienced consultants, Enviresearch has been offering support at every step of the EU and GB registration pathways, from early-stage data gap analysis of active substance and product data packages to complete registration dossier authoring, submission and post-submission support. 

Linmark Consulting GmbH, based in Basel, has over 15 years of experience in aiding businesses with bringing biocidal products to the market in Switzerland in compliance with national regulations. Linmark Consulting offers registration dossier management and submission support in line with Swiss procedures and requirements as well as acting as the Sole Representative to hold product authorisations in Switzerland on behalf of non-Swiss registered companies. 

Enviresearch and Linmark Consulting are excited to build upon the success of their previous collaboration, bringing together Enviresearch’s expertise in EU and GB BPR compliance with Linmark Consulting’s experience in biocidal product registrations in Switzerland. Together, both companies will offer clients a comprehensive solution for biocidal product compliance covering three of the major biocidal product regulations implemented across key jurisdictions in Europe. This will enable businesses to streamline their regulatory processes and expand their reach into numerous markets across Europe more efficiently.  

If you are interested in learning more about how Enviresearch and Linmark Consulting can support you with biocidal product registrations in the EU, GB and Switzerland, contact Enviresearch’s Head of Regulatory Affairs, Priya Patel (priya.patel@enviresearch.com) for more information.