Automated FOCUS modelling with Acre

Acre (Assessment of Chemical Risks to the Environment) is Enviresearch’s innovative environmental fate automation tool that is the result of extensive research & investment.

It was developed by environmental fate modellers to make surface water modelling more efficient and enables the running of FOCUS surface water models from start to finish with a single click of a button.

Multiple crops and substances can be included in the same project. There is no limit to the number of simulations that can be included in a single project.

Acre provides crop protection companies with faster, easier and more cost-effective access to multiple data sets on environmental risk assessment than has previously been possible. A key feature of the system is the simplicity of its data tables, which enables product developers to take in complex information at a glance.

Other key benefits include vastly improved modelling time, single interface screen and consistency across multiple runs.

Acre benefits

  • Initial scoping
    You can test the surface water assessment across all crops of interest, including new uses not previously considered. This is most useful at the early stage of product development, to explore new opportunities for an active substance or mixtures. You can perform a preliminary assessment across the board to pre-assess whether the assessments are likely to pass easily or if there could be issues, so no efforts are wasted on uses that may become too costly to develop.
  • GAP analysis
    This is a cost-effective preliminary assessment for products with a large number of uses, for example, during active renewal. You can perform an early-stage assessment across the whole GAP, covering FOCUS steps 3 and 4. You also have the option to filter the results by country, considering the variation between EU Member States regarding the relevant FOCUS scenarios and permitted mitigation options.
  • Solution finding
    When the existing GAP fails and mitigation measures do not provide sufficient reduction of the PEC values, then other solutions can be explored, such as reduced application rates, splitting the dose over multiple applications or shifting the application timing and intervals. Acre can be used for testing a large range of options cost-efficiently. To see how Acre can help you with your environmental risk assessments, contact our experts at

Acre at a Glance

  • Seamlessly run all FOCUS Step 3 and 4 simulations from a single user interface.​
  • Performs surface modelling for every crop on the FOCUS register.
  • Easily investigate different combinations of mitigation options covering nozzle reduction, spray drift buffers and run-off buffers.
  • Perform high-throughput modelling that would traditionally take days in a matter of hours.​
  • Creates same input files and uses same models as the official FOCUS risk assessment tool.​
  • Rapid and cost-effective performance of surface water modelling for preliminary aquatic risk assessment at the early stages of regulatory strategy development.
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