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Scott Watson, PhD,MChem

Job Title

Regulatory Science Manager

My Role

I oversee Enviresearch’s innovation program which drives the development of new approaches and technologies to support the chemical industry in performing scientifically robust and reliable environmental and human health risk assessments for chemicals and their safe use. Activities within our innovation program include collaborative research projects in the field of environmental science with academic partners and developing new technologies and services to provide effective risk assessment and regulatory support to our customers. I am also responsible for coordinating the technical and regulatory training programs for Enviresearch team members, as well as providing regulatory and technical consultancy support provided to our customers as part of our Regulatory Affairs team.

Background/Career History

Following completion of my PhD, I spent six years working as a post-doctoral research associate at Newcastle University (Chemical Nanoscience Laboratories) developing novel nanoscale materials.

In 2015, I joined the Chemicals Regulation Division (CRD) of the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) as a Regulatory Scientific Officer, contributing to their work on the regulation of pesticides and biocides in the EU. I performed technical assessments of physicochemical properties, validation of analytical methods, and data on pesticide residues in food submitted by industry in support of applications for registration of active substances and pesticide and biocidal products. In addition, I worked as a coordinator and assessor for technical equivalence assessments for new sources of pesticide active substance technical materials.

 In November 2017 I joined Enviresearch as Regulatory Affairs Consultant, providing regulatory, scientific and risk-assessment support to the chemicals industry in support of the registration of pesticides, biocides, and chemicals under REACH. In April 2019 I became a Senior Regulatory Affairs Consultant before moving to my current role as Enviresearch’s Regulatory Science Manager in February 2020.


MChem, 1st Hons. (Durham University)

PhD (Area: Chemistry and Nanomaterials), Durham University


In my spare time I enjoy reading, listening to a broad array of podcasts, (non-competitive) running and (excessively competitive) pub quizzing.

Specific Expertise

Regulatory and procedural expertise in EU Regulatory frameworks concerning Plant Protection Products, Biocidal Products, REACH and CLP.

Development of regulatory strategies for registration of chemicals in the EU (plant protection products, biocidal products, REACH).

Data Gap Analysis to assess compliance of active substance and product data packages against regulatory data requirements (plant protection products, biocidal products, REACH).

Technical evaluation and dossier preparation in the areas of physicochemical and technical properties data, analytical method validation data and, metabolism and residues data, to support registrations of pesticide and biocide products in the EU,technical evaluation of 5-batch analysis data and toxicological data and dossier preparation to support technical equivalence applications (Tier I and Tier II) for new sources of pesticide and biocide active substances. 

Performing dietary and non-dietary human health exposure risk assessments to support the registrations of plant protection products in the EU (models: EFSA calculator, EFSA PRIMo, UK NEDI, UK NESTI).

Deriving classification of substances and formulated products in accordance with CLP and GHS.

Authoring Safety Data Sheets in accordance with requirements of the REACH Regulation.

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