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James Garratt, PhD CSci



Principle Consultant


I am the founder and Managing Director of Enviresearch. I manage the strategic position of the company to ensure that we are best placed to support our clients. I support the senior management team to consistently deliver improvements in all areas of our operation. I support our team of modellers to continue to deliver innovative approaches that provide the insights needed to solve problems and provide specific support in the area of environmental fate. 


I am a scientist with a special interest and passion for the assessment of the risks of chemicals to the environment. I have been working with environmental models since 1996. When Enviresearch began in 2001, it was all about environmental fate of pesticides. Since then I have learned about modelling in many other areas, such as ecotoxicology, consumer exposure and worker exposure. In particular, I have been interested in pushing the boundaries of what is possible, helping with higher tier assessments for commercial clients; work on risk assessment in greenhouses; the MERLIN-Expo modelling tool; kinetics of chemical transformation; and sensitivity analysis in drainflow modelling. 

Through membership of the Society of Chemical Industry, I have organized a series of conferences and events since 2017, all looking to the future of food systems. The topics have been: Data; Climate Change; Livestock; and Crop Protection.


PhD, Newcastle University, 2001 CSci through membership of the Institute of Professional Soil Scientists Member of the Expert Committee on Pesticides (ECP) with responsibility for environmental fate. Member of the Agrisciences Committee of the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) Member of the Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC).


I am a regular reviewer of academic papers for research journals such as Pest Management Science and Science of the Total Environment. I relax by enjoying the Northumberland countryside and playing board games (has anyone else played Power Grid?). Sometimes I can complete the crossword in Private Eye.


Environmental Fate Modelling, Business strategy, Philanthropy


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