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Christina Lye, PhD

Job Title

Managing Director

My Role

My role is to lead and develop the commercial activity of Enviresearch, ensuring Enviresearch becomes a global provider with reputation for excellence, to increase the customer base and turnover to meet targets, and ensure Enviresearch becomes recognised as being efficient, easy to work with and well organised. I also manage the technical staff team and the support team. In addition, I provide technical and advisory support based on Endocrine Disruption.

Background/Career History

I have over 25 years of experience of environmental risk assessment and management from working in government (e.g. CA Sweden), with pesticide and biocide applications; industry; academia and consultancy, I have gained extensive specialist knowledge in the areas of ecotoxicology, in particular chemicals that are suspected to be endocrine disrupters.


I have a PhD degree in Biology, from the University of Newcastle and an MSc in Microbial Ecology, from the University of Stockholm, Sweden.


During my spare time I am active in the local community, enjoy keeping fit and am a regular yoga practitioner and fitness boot camper.

Specific Expertise

I have published a number of peer reviewed scientific papers in the field of endocrine disrupting chemicals and have acted as an independent scientific advisory and consultant to the UK regulatory authorities (DEFRA) on several of their work programmes including the UK-Japan intergovernmental research programme on Endocrine Disrupters and emerging chemicals. I have also acted as a consultant to OECD in their development of the test guidelines and programmes and continue to actively support associations/bodies in the context of the assessment of Endocrine Disrupters.

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