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Charles Hazlerigg, PhD

Senior Ecotoxicologist

I joined the Enviresearch team in March 2014 as an environmental risk assessor. In earlier times I completed a PhD in fish population ecology and environmental risk assessment from Imperial College, London and was awarded a first class honours degree in zoology from the University of St Andrews.

In my role at Enviresearch, I develop and implement strategies to address issues related to the environmental fate of substances and their potential effects on various, non-target, taxonomic groups. Specifically, assessing the environmental risk of substances, such as biocides and pesticides, during the process of product registration in the EU under current directives and regulations, and seeking to find mitigation solutions where there is environmental concern. At the end of the day, I am satisfied that the work I undertake results in innovative products on the shelves that do the job they are designed to do without any undesirable environmental impacts.

In my past roles, I addressed questions in ecology and ecotoxicology, undertaking laboratory studies, field mesocosm studies and population modelling primarily related to the freshwater aquatic environment. I firmly believe in the benefits of a multi-disciplinary approach to a problem such as environmental risk assessment and bring a breadth of knowledge gleaned from my research background into my current role.

When not in the office I enjoy all things outdoors and will likely be found running up a hill or (attempting) to climb a rock face: but don’t worry, I will return your calls!

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