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Kinetics evaluation, Normalisation of degradation data, Endpoint parametrisation, QSAR analysis, Analysis of field and semi-field data

Environmental fate

Our team of fate scientists and modellers offer a range of services to assess environmental exposure from active substances, metabolites and plant protection products. These range from kinetic evaluations to derive endpoints, through to lower and higher-tier exposure modelling and dossier preparation.

As experts in the field, we are perfectly placed to find solutions for your products or risk assessments. We are active in model development and in the environmental modelling community and we regularly contribute to regulatory and test guideline development and reviews.

Our services include:

Environmental modelling for core assessments and for national authorisations, using:
  • WEBFRAM and MACRO for UK higher-tier drainflow assessments and HardSPEC
  • TOXSWA-NL and GeoPEARL for Dutch registrations
  • EVA, EXPOSIT & ESCAPE for Germany
  • Greenhouse Emission Model (GEM)
Higher-tier approaches and problem solving for refined assessments:
  • Probabilistic modelling
  • Spatial assessments, G.I.S
  • Aged sorption assessments
  • GAP Analysis to assess potential uses of a product across all crops
  • Assessments with Acre to explore wide-ranging options for risk mitigation
Endpoint derivation:
  • Water-sediment system modelling
  • Kinetics evaluation & review (CAKE, KinGUI, ModelMaker)
  • Normalisation of degradation data from laboratory & field studies
  • Advice on parameterisation
  • QSARs
  • Analysis of field and semi-field data (e.g. lysimeters)
  • Study monitoring and co-ordination
Risk assessments & dossier preparation:
  • Section 8 of the draft registration report (dRR)
  • Exposure from slow-release formulations and other non-standard application methods
  • Assessments for domestic (home and garden) use
  • Non-relevance assessments for metabolites
  • Advice on data requirements and testing strategies
  • Reliability & relevance assessments of open literature
  • Data gap analysis

Enviresearch staff working in Environmental fate


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