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Happy birthday Foundation - a celebration meeting of the first year

The Devonshire Building, an architectural gem at the heart of the Newcastle University campus with an innovative rainwater recovery system, was last week the venue for the first year celebration of the Enviresearch Foundation.

news 140316 DSCN4416

Badruddeen Sani delivering his presentation on his research into the sorption of magnetic biochars conducted in Milan, Italy.

 news 140316 DSCN4425

Dr Ailsa McKenzie talking about land-sparing vs. land-sharing: can we manage land to both optimise food production as well as maintain biodiversity and ecosystem function?

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Dr Mohammad Royapoor talking animatedly about climatic fluxes in the urban greenhouse he visited with support from the Enviresearch Travel Award at the HQ of the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology in Barcelona.

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Dr Elisa Lopez-Capel outlining her options for the management of plant solid waste from urban greenhouses.

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