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A closer look at the proposed CLP revisions: steps to improve hazard communication

Earlier this month we shared news on proposed changes to the EU CLP regulation that will bring in new hazard classifications for endocrine disruptors and other harmful substances. These are not the only proposals being put forward by the European Commission for revision of the CLP regulation. Here we look at another of the Commission proposals outlined for introduction to the CLP regulation, aimed at improving communication of chemical hazards through making product labels more consumer friendly.


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UK ground water assessment regulations receive a small, but welcome simplification

The UK regulations for ground water assessments have had a small, but welcome simplification.  For some years, the suite of models known as the FOCUS models have been used in the UK regulatory system.  There are three FOCUS model used: FOCUS-PEARL; FOCUS-PELMO; and FOCUS-MACRO.  All three models have to indicate a ‘pass’ for the authorisation or approval to proceed.  A pass means that the predicted concentration in ground water is below a certain threshold.

What has changed is that FOCUS-MACRO is required less often than used to be the case.

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We’ve arrived at the final branch on our Biocidal Product Decision Tree – If you have reached this stage, your biocidal product contains approved active substances covering your specified uses (Product Type). This means that your product must be registered under the EU Biocidal Products Regulation (referred to as the ‘BPR’), Regulation (EU) No 528/2012. There is a formal process of application and review for product dossiers along with stipulated data requirements.

Stage 8 RHS

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