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Understanding and challenging the system

Over the past few weeks, while we have been reviewing pesticide risk assessment, we have not covered 2 important issues. These are data access and challenging regulatory decisions. These are the final bits of data that I have to present: after this article will come a summary to wrap it all up. It's been quite a journey.

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Residues and Consumer Risk Assessment

Enviresearch Ltd offers residue study planning and evaluation services, consumer risk assessment and dossier preparation.

Our experienced regulatory staff can provide data gap analysis and expert guidance on how to satisfy registration requirements for dRR residue sections.

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Efficacy Evaluation Trials Programme Design and Monitoring

Enviresearch Ltd offers efficacy evaluation, biological assessment dossier (BAD) preparation and trials programme design and monitoring services from an experienced trials manager and regulatory staff.

We have in-depth knowledge of how trials data are generated which provides us with the insight required to most effectively present your data in Biological Assessment Dossiers and dRR Efficacy sections.

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What do consultants think of environmental risk assessment procedures?

In November 2016, EFSA organised a meeting to review 25 years of pesticide regulation since the introduction of the Directive 91/414.  James Garratt spoke there on the opinions of consultants on the changing face of environmental risk assessment over the past 25 years (Click for futher information).  To gather data for his presentation, James conducted a survey of 25 consultancies to ask for their opinion on how things had changed.

Moving office

Enviresearch is delighted to announce its new headquarters.  After 15 years of development on the campus of Newcastle University, we now move to a dedicated office out of the city centre.  We are excited to still offer the best support in chemicals regulation and risk assessment from our new suite of rooms. 

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