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A Christmas Message!

During the holiday season, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our success possible. It is in this spirit that we say thank you. We look forward to working with you in 2020.

The offices will be closed from Monday 24th December and will re-open for business on Monday 6th January 2020.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

From all of us at Enviresearch!

Enviresearch Foundation Launches a New Travel Award!

The Enviresearch Foundation is delighted to share the details of the next tavel award, a total fund of £15k is available to help Newcastle University Early Career Researchers and PhD students. The travel award is aimed at researchers and students who are working in areas relating to practical application of research into the environmentally safe use of chemicals in sustainable agriculture. 

Applicants are expected to demonstrate how their research activity will have benefit to Europe; with preference given to applicants that consider how the relationship with the group can be sustained long term.

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The Impact of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit on Biocidal Products Regulation

The 31st October 2019 remains as the current deadline for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, with or without a deal in-place. Businesses need to be aware of the potential impacts a ‘no-deal’ Brexit could have on their current and future Biocidal products registered under BPR.

Businesses in the chemical industry are faced with continued uncertainty as the UK and EU are yet to agree on the terms of the departure.

If a withdrawal agreement can be reached before the end of October, an implementation period will follow, where UK-EU trade will be able to continue on the same terms as now until this period comes to an end. However, there is a very real possibility that no such deal will be agreed, forcing a scenario where the UK will look to establish its own separate system for biocidal product registrations, UK BPR. Companies wishing to register their biocidal products in both the EU/EEA and the UK will have to complete the registration process for both the EU BPR and UK BPR systems.

The UK competent authority, HSE, have issued guidance for business which outlines plans for the UK regulation of biocidal products during both an implementation period[1] and in the event of a no-deal scenario,[2] along with the necessary measures businesses will need to take in order to be prepared.

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Enviresearch Foundation Day 2019

The Enviresearch Foundation Day was a great success. We hosted four schools, three students and three presenters. It was wonderful celebrating our achievements over the year. We were particularly excited to hear from some of the students who have benefited from our funding. Our three presenters and three demonstrators were a big hit and thoroughly engaged attendees of all ages.

This year we have funded four travel grants, four summer bursaries and nine community and school group trips. We are looking forward to another year of giving!  

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Comparative Assessments for Plant Protection Products

Plant protection products containing active substances approved as a candidate for substitution must undergo a comparative assessment as part of the registration process in European Union Member States. Enviresearch can assist in identifying the need for, and conducting, comparative assessments to support your product registrations.

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Gaining Technical Equivalence for your sources of pesticide active substances

As part of the approval process for active substances under the plant protection products regulation (Regulation (EU) No. 1107/2009) a ‘reference’ technical specification is set for the source of active substance technical material considered for the approval. The ‘source’ of an active substance is defined by its manufacturing site, whilst its technical specification defines the minimum purity of the active substance and the limit of significant and (eco)toxicologically relevant impurities present in the technical material.

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