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Regulatory compliance checks - Importance of remaining compliant

A recent report published by Ireland's Health and Safety Authority (HSA) confirmed that checks carried out on 970 chemicals products during 2021 for compliance with REACH, CLP and the detergents regulation resulted in 87 products being removed from the market and a further 61 banned from sale to the general public. Products were predominantly banned or removed from the market due to non-compliance with CLP requirements or because they contained restricted substances or substances subject to authorisation under REACH. 

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Planning your Article 43 PPP Renewals: Data Gap Analysis

In a recent examination of Open EFSA Portal by Enviresearch, we identified there to be around 70+ active substances currently which have reached the EFSA Peer Review stage of the renewal procedure. Additionally, a review of the EU Pesticides Database showed there to have been 15 active substance renewals that have entered into force since the beginning of 2021. Whilst there have clearly been long-standing issues concerning capacity gaps for National Competent Authorities and EFSA in stewarding active substances through renewal procedures, our examination of the last 18 months indicates there is a steady stream of active substance renewal making their way through the system.

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Technical Equivalence: The state of play in the EU and UK

Securing supplies of different sources of active substance technical materials for manufacture of Plant Protection Products can help agrochemical companies safeguard their production and supply. If supply issues were experienced with a technical material sourced from one manufacturing location, having alternative sources can help ensure an adequate supply to maintain PPP production.

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SETAC 2022 Review

It was wonderful to see so many of our clients, collaborators and friends at SETAC Europe in Copenhagen last month. For many of us it was the first chance in 2 years to get together in person. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

There was a great spread of interesting scientific topics. One significant scientific advancement we noticed was the proliferation of TKTD modelling talks and posters beyond its usual home in the effects modelling session. This approach is starting to establish itself as a “go to” method for the future – a progression our ecotoxicologist Dr Alice Tagliati contributed too with two posters on the application of the approach in regulatory risk assessment.


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First PPP Active Substance Approval Confirmed under the Great Britain PPP Regulatory Framework

Earlier this month saw the first new PPP active substance approval granted in Great Britain under the retained Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009.

The herbicidal active substance, cinmethylin, supported for approval by BASF plc, was formally approved in Great Britain on 7th June 2022 following the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) risk assessment of the substance and conclusion that it is expected to meet the criteria for approval.

Herbicide RHS

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Using UK efficacy trials to support EU product registrations

UK efficacy trials can be used to support EU product registrations

We have received a number of queries recently relating to the use of UK efficacy trials in support of EU product registrations post Brexit. The question arises due to the UK no longer being an EU member state, and therefore no longer participating in the EU plant protection product registration programme under EU regulation 1107/2009.

Well, you can rest assured - The UK is still geographically part of Europe, and as such remains included in the maritime zone under EPPOs ‘zones of comparable climate’ as described in EPPO guidance PP 1/241 – Guidance on comparable climates.


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