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Acre Product Launch Video!

We are so excited to share our new video! Enviresearch's Acre platform can now provide crop protection product developers with faster, easier and more cost-effective access to multiple data sets on environmental risk assessment than has been possible to date.


Coronavirus Update

We sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well.

Enviresearch is here to support you through challenging times and good times. The arrival of Covid-19 has made these times some of the most challenging times ever. We will be supporting you at this time in many areas as you wrestle with the implications of the virus. Whether this is coping with short-staffing, writing new safety data sheets or anything else, we will be on hand.

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New Recruit!

Enviresearch is delighted to announce that Steven Banks has joined the team as a Regulatory Affairs Consultant. Steven will be providing technical support regarding Plant Protection Products, Biocides, and REACH. He will focus on performing data gap analysis, dossier compilation and efficacy analysis.

Steven has a particular interest in pesticide formulation and active delivery having completed his PhD in biochemistry at Newcastle University, investigating the effects of adjuvants on pesticide formulation and uptake.

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1 Hour Free BPR Consultancy for New Clients!

The biocidal products regulation (BPR), EU Regulation 528/2012, is a complex legislation and the path to compliance is often unclear. Even just determining what steps you need to undertake to get your product on the market can require expert consultancy. Enviresearch would like to help overcome some of the challenges by offering one hour of free consultancy with our biocides team.

In this hour you can ask all the questions you wish, regarding the BPR and national legislation relating to biocides. We aim to enable you to have a clear idea of your obligations and measures needed to undertake to ensure your biocidal product security.

Claim your free hour by completing this claim form form below and emailing it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




Welcome Alice!

Enviresearch is delighted to announce that Alice Tagliati has joined the team as a Risk Assessor. Alice will be focusing on assessing the fate and effects of chemicals in the environment, in line with the current EU and national guidelines.

Alice is a passionate, pro-active and highly motivated environmental toxicologist with a background in understanding the combined effects of chemical (pollution) and physical (e.g. those associated with global climate change) stressors.  She has specific expertise in the development of standardised toxicity bioassays, markers and risk assessment procedures to evaluate ecological effects of contamination issues in tropical marine environments.

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REACH Focus in 2020

With a Brexit deal all but confirmed, and the negotiations on the future UK/EU trading relationship expected to last until the December 2020 deadline, attention is now turned towards ECHA’s plans to focus on REACH compliance checks during 2020. This means companies need to make sure they are fulfilling their REACH responsibilities and are prepared for possible audits.
The UK looks set to leave the EU on January 31st, initiating a transition period. This transition period is the time for negotiation of the UK’s future trading relationship with the EU and will steer the UK’s future participation in REACH. The transition period has a deadline of December 31st 2020, meaning the REACH focus for 2020 can be shifted for now, and falls mostly on ECHA’s continued scrutiny of REACH registration dossiers.

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