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Borderline Products

As we reach the half-way point on the biocidal product decision tree (4/8). Our attention turns to borderline products.

Borderline products are those which lie close to the boundary between multiple regulations. Examples include biocidal products, biocidal carriers, treated articles, cosmetic products, medical devices, medicinal products, herbal medicines or food supplements.

These are complex healthcare products which require further investigation to determine which regulatory framework applies to their registration and are determined on a case-by-case basis by national competent authorities. They are called borderline products until their status has been decided.

Decision Tree A3 stage 4 RHS

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Legal obligations beyond the BPR

In the second instalment of our 8 part Biocides series we're focusing on the first branch of the decision tree. Your product may not fall within the scope of the BPR, however there may be other legislation which you must ensure your product fulfils such as REACH, CLP or Plant Protection Products Regulation.
Decision Tree Branch 1

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10th European Modelling Workshop Highlights

At the end of August, Sabine Beulke and Emma Tilston were invited to attend the 10th European Modelling Workshop at York. The workshop provides a unique forum for representatives of pesticide producing companies, competent authorities and environmental fate risk assessors to learn about forthcoming improvements to the existing regulatory framework, work in progress and to propose where further improvement is needed.

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Introduction to the regulation of biocidal products - decision tree

Are you baffled by the BPR? The Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) was introduced in 2013, but nearly 10 years on the industry is still in a transition phase where both the BPR and member state’s own national rules still apply.

We have created this decision tree to aid simplifying the process of identifying the most appropriate registration route for biocidal products.

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A challenging summer for efficacy field trials

It has been a busy summer season for the efficacy team with trials running across the UK and EU, and a number of yield assessments ongoing. We now turn our attention to analysing the data and producing the all important trial reports and biological assessment dossiers in support of your product registrations.

Field conditions have been challenging through the summer season with the exceptionally hot and dry weather across Europe but with good management, trials have continued and indeed product managers can use the extreme conditions to learn even more about their products.

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