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Enviresearch is launching a new office in South Europe

Enviresearch will now be providing dedicated chemical registration  services for the Southern European area with the opening of a new office in Lisbon, Portugal.  The new office, headed by our Senior Regulatory Specialist, José Sobreiro, will provide a link between our clients in Southern Europe and our main office in the UK.  Clients targeting registrations within the Southern zone can now take advantage of our full support in product registrations with a convenient point of first contact.

The Lisbon office is offering a full registration services for: 

  • PPPs  for bothactive substance approvals and product authorisations
  • Biocides in compliance with the BPD/BPR requirements
  • REACH and CLP
  • EMA and Tox RA for veterinary medicines
  • EMA for pharmaceuticals 

Jose Sobreiro said, "This is a significant step forward for customer care.  Whatever happens after Brexit, our customers can be assured that Enviresearch will continue to have a firm presence in the EU.  This means 'business as usual' for the entire range of offered registration services."

James Garratt, the CEO of Enviresearch in the UK reiterated, "I am delighted that we can now be on hand for our customers with a presence in the south of Europe.  What matters is bringing the best possible advice to our clients and this new office will help us to achieve that goal."

You can contact José by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.),  by calling the  Portuguese number +351 916205822 or the UK number +44 (0)191 243 0687. 

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