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Enviresearch at BCPC Congress 2017 this week

Enviresearch’s own efate specialist, Dr Scott Hawley, is presenting at the BCPC Congress in Brighton this week. He will be discussing the use of spatial data within the context of environmental risk assessments of plant protection products (PPPs) under EC Regulation 1107/2009. In particular, he will outline how the registration and usage of PPPs within the UK could be improved through wider-scale utilization of high resolution geospatial modeling. You can find the full program here

Scott will be joined by another modelling specialist from Enviresearch, Dr Wendy van Beinum, who will be attending the efate “ad hoc” meeting on Wednesday.

If you wish to find out more about the higher tier modelling approaches that we routinely use at Enviresearch, or Enviresearch’s regulatory and dossier preparation services, both Scott and Wendy will be happy to discuss any issues you may have and start working towards finding solutions!



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