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Enviresearch has a spatially distributed modelling capacity

Enviresearch has developed in-house capacility to carry out spatially distributed modelling of pesticide and biocide products at scales ranging from the local to the European.

Using the European Food Safety Authorities' spatial database, modelling of the environment fate of a compound and its metabolites can be refined to the specific conditions of the real world.This allows a user to detect both regions of concern and thoses in which the product can be safely applied. The ability to do this in-house means that the specific reason for a particular result can be thoroughly investigated and controlled. Leading to more robust results for regulatory purposes and better guidance to the end-user.

EU mean annual temperaturesa

Southern scandinavia spatial modelling unitsa 

EU mean annual temperatures                                                                 Southern Scandinavia spatial modelling untis

Base date Copy Right remains with the European Food Safety Authority, 2012 


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