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Risk Assessment for Plant Protection Products 2016: The Future for Higher-Tier Assessments

On the 23rd of March at the Rothamsted Centre for Research and Enterprise, Enviresearch’s Sabine Beulke presented “Environmental exposure via drainage - higher tier approaches and refinement options”.

The event - Risk Assessment for Plant Protection Products 2016: The Future for Higher-Tier Assessments, was attended by several of Enviresearch’s team members. Environmental Risk Assessor, Charles Hazlerigg gave us his thoughts on the event and the topics discussed:

“We are all aware that the risk assessment process is becoming more difficult to pass at the simpler lower tiers, with higher tier refinements often required in a number of environmental compartments e.g. higher tier drainflow calculations for the UK, birds and mammals risk assessment generally, recent test guidelines being developed for bees etc.

This was a great platform to share experiences on the acceptability of higher tier options. For example, whilst there are a number of viable refinements for risk to aquatic water bodies there remain questions over the acceptability of the Time-Weighted Average approach, though mesocosm and pulsed exposure testing do provide some opportunities to refine the risk they need to be developed and the results interpreted with care.”

Here at Enviresearch we strive to not only perform standard modelling for both environmental fate and ecotox assessments to an excellent level, but also to offer a wide range of these higher tier refinements that will become increasingly significant for our clients in the coming years.

Do you have a current “challenge” that you are struggling to find a solution for? If so, contact us today and we will tackle your challenge with our full modelling arsenal!


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