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The future of the Chemicals Industry with the Brexit from the EU

We are in uncharted political waters with the British exit from the EU. 

Currently we do not know what the future will hold for the chemical regulation and compliance in Britain and how this will affect the EU. There is likely to be a period where nothing much changes, a period that may last several months or years.  During this period, there will be a lot of negotiation and debate that should clarify the direction that we are going with chemicals regulation.  For now, therefore, we work on the basis of 'business as usual.'

At Enviresearch, we still feel as European as ever.  We are utterly committed to our European partners: clients and service providers.  We will work closely with them in order to ensure that we continue to provide a seemless quality of service during this period of transition.  As the nature of chemical legislation becomes clear we will adapt our service to ensure that the whole industry receives the best possible support whether your are aiming for compliance within the EU, the UK or in any other state in the European Economic Area.


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