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HSE Drainflow and Groundwater Risk Mitigation Survey

Enviresearch Ltd. are conducting exciting regulatory development work for HSE CRD to establish new risk mitigation measures for drainflow and groundwater in the UK. These exposure routes are often problematic for the application of Plant Protection Products, and the more tools we have to mitigate environmental exposure via these routes, the better our environmental protections will be whilst achieving our crop protection goals.

The first phase of our work is to conduct a systemic appraisal of existing review work on risk mitigation options, such as the MAGPIE project, in order to synthesise the conclusions of these reviews and critically appraise options identified within. We’re also looking to our partners in Europe, to examine and document risk mitigation options that are deployed by European Member States that may be ‘ahead of the curve’, and how these work in practice.

The first phase of the work has brought forth some interesting options that are well-suited to current agricultural and horticultural technology. We are looking forward to sharing these with land managers, agrochemical industry, regulators, consultants and scientists to gather views on our crystallising recommendations.

To this end, we would like to invite you to participate in the survey, which will be circulated mid April 2023, as such please confirm your willingness to participate by 6th April 2023. To register your interest, please complete this form .

Depending on the extent of responses and balance of areas of expertise, survey respondents may be approached to participate in a virtual workshop exercise in June 2023 (exact date to be confirmed).

It is our aim to ensure the recommendations of our work are appropriate and proportional, easy to implement and suitable for as wide a range of growers, farmers and other land managers – fitting in with current and developing cultivation/land management practices. This survey is an excellent opportunity to get involved with shaping the future of GB Regulatory policy and give representation to all parts of the UK land management in our review. 

We look forward to hearing from you!


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