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Registration strategy for approval of existing active substance under new Product Type

For our penultimate post in the biocidal product decision tree series we look at registration strategies for approval of existing active substances under new product types.

Stage 7

Biocidal active substances (AS) are approved for a specific product-type (PT) and therefore can only be used in biocidal products of the approved PT. Biocidal products are classified into 22 PTs which are grouped into four main areas of use: disinfectants, preservatives, pest control and other biocidal products.

If your AS is not approved for the relevant PT, provided it meets certain conditions, any person can declare an interest to notify the eligible substance/PT combination with the intention to have the substance included into the Review Programme for this product-type.

A notification to include a new AS/PT combination in the Review Programme must be made to ECHA. ECHA will declare whether the notification is considered as compliant or not. Compliant notifications are subsequently considered by the European Commission who take a decision on including the AS/PT in the Review Programme.

To learn more about approval of existing active substance under new a Product Type and the BPR, look out for our soon to be published “Introduction to the Biocidal Products Regulation” eBook.

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