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A challenging summer for efficacy field trials

It has been a busy summer season for the efficacy team with trials running across the UK and EU, and a number of yield assessments ongoing. We now turn our attention to analysing the data and producing the all important trial reports and biological assessment dossiers in support of your product registrations.

Field conditions have been challenging through the summer season with the exceptionally hot and dry weather across Europe but with good management, trials have continued and indeed product managers can use the extreme conditions to learn even more about their products.

There have also been wider challenges for the crop production sector in Europe this season, with the war in the Ukraine continuing to negatively affect production. This has some EU states pushing back on the block’s headline aim of reducing pesticide use by 50% by 2030. With the decline in crop production, questions are being asked about the impact of such a major reduction in pesticide use on Europe’s wider food security. The EU commissioner has acknowledged these concerns and vowed to work with member states to find solutions.

One part of the solution already in motion is reform to the registration process for biopesticide products containing micro-organisms – putting a focus on the biological properties of the organisms during the risk assessments. The aim here is to reduce overall dependency on and use of chemical plant protection products.

From a regulatory perspective these are undoubtedly interesting and challenging times for the crop protection industry. However, it is clear that with a growing world population demanding ever higher crop yields, the need for effective and environmentally sound crop protection has never been greater.

As we head into the Autumn field season, we are excited to see what innovative solutions our clients in the industry are working on next and we’re ready to put these new solutions to the test.


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