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Endocrine Disruption Hazard Classes for CLP

The draft CLP act introducing hazard classes for endocrine disruption is now out for consultation, in a fast-tracked procedure aimed to rapidly adopt and implement the new classes. The feedback period will end on 18th October, with Chemical watch reporting that the act could be adopted by the end of the year.

The act follows the approach of including 2 hazard classes for endocrine disruption, based on the level of certainty, resulting in categories for ‘Known or Presumed Endocrine Disruptors’ and for ‘Suspected Endocrine Disruptors’

Both categories require evidence for 3 main criteria; ED activity, adverse effects and the biologically plausible link between them, but are divided by how convincing the evidence is. Substances may also be relegated to category 2/‘Suspected’ if adverse effects may not be relevant for humans in terms of human health, and if there is doubt regarding relevance at the population level in the environment. It is further noted that where evidence conclusively demonstrates adverse effects are not relevant at population level, the substance may not be regarded as an endocrine disruptor.

For the chemical industry, this will mean more testing and that population modelling is more important than ever. Enviresearch’s Charles Hazlerigg will be talking about population modelling at the Fresenius Conference on 8th November.

In addition, for ED substances in mixtures, there will be cut-off limits for individual substances, leading to the classification of the mixture as a whole, and new classes for persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic (PBT) and very persistent, very bioaccumulative (vPvB) substances, persistent, mobile and toxic (PMT) and very persistent, very mobile (vPvM) substances.

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