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Regulatory compliance checks - Importance of remaining compliant

A recent report published by Ireland's Health and Safety Authority (HSA) confirmed that checks carried out on 970 chemicals products during 2021 for compliance with REACH, CLP and the detergents regulation resulted in 87 products being removed from the market and a further 61 banned from sale to the general public. Products were predominantly banned or removed from the market due to non-compliance with CLP requirements or because they contained restricted substances or substances subject to authorisation under REACH. 

Similar checks are also known to take be carried out by other national bodies across the EU. The Norwegian Environment Agency carries out annual checks on product compliance with the biocidal products regulation (BPR), CLP, and REACH and found 157 non-compliant products from the 961 that were checked during 2021.

Similarly, Kemi, the Swedish chemical agency reported aspects of non-compliance with 63% of biocide and plant protection products when inspecting products for correct approval and labelling under the appropriate EU legislation during 2021. Non-compliance resulted in 15% of these companies either being ordered to pay an environmental sanction fee, being notified to prosecutors, or both.

With protection of human health and the environment a key priority under both EU and GB chemical regulation, it is important for chemical companies to be alert to the fact that compliance obligations do not end at point of achieving substance / product registration. Regulatory authorities are proactively undertaking inspection programmes to ensure substances and products placed on the market are legally compliant, to help safeguard human health and the environmental. Clearly this places ongoing obligations for companies to ensure chemicals placed on the market remain compliant with regulations, including ensuring that substance / product registrations, labels and classification are kept updated and in line with the latest requirements.

Enviresearch has extensive experience working with companies to ensure their products and product labels comply with EU and GB PPP, BPR, REACH and CLP regulatory requirements. For more information on the regulatory support Enviresearch provide, contact our Head of Regulatory Affairs, Priya Patel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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