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Enviresearch is supporting the People’s Vote

On one hand, the people have already voted for Brexit.  On the other, nobody knew what Brexit meant when they voted.  During the referendum debates, Brexiteers were able to promote emotional fantasies about the future outside the EU and Bremainers promoted an agenda based on the fear rather than the benefits of membership.  Neither side was edifying.  Fortunately, we now have a much better idea of what Brexit really means.

At Enviresearch we support the chemicals industry.  This industry is not limited to Britain: we trade with continental Europe and with the rest of the world.  Importers and exporters all contribute the future of Britain, allowing British industry to have access to EU markets and EU products.  Our trade with Europe is friction-free and controlled because the EU has been at great pains to ensure harmony in the rules from country to country.  Many of the rules are designed to protect human health and the environment.  Others are there to promote fairness and resolution of disputes.

An exit from the EU will mean Britain is no longer part of that regulatory process.  There may not be trade barriers if the Chequers deal goes ahead, but regulatory barriers will cause higher workloads and costs for importers, exporters and civil servants alike.

We believe that the British public have voted for Brexit without being provided with the facts about what it would mean.  Right now, we need to trust the politicians to work out what the best possible deal would mean.  When we have the facts, i.e. the detail on the best possible deal, we should take another look: does this deal represent the Brexit that the British public intended in 2016?  That is why we are sponsoring the People’s Vote campaign.

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