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Enviresearch are specialists in environmental assessments. Our experienced team of fate scientists, environmental modellers and ecotoxicologists offer a range of services to assess the environmental risk from active substances, metabolites and products.

In environmental fate, these range from kinetic evaluations to derive individual endpoints, through to lower and higher-tier exposure modelling and assessments at the field and landscape scale. Follow the links for information on our environmental fate services in the agrochemicals, biocides, REACH, human medicines and veterinary medicines sectors.

In ecotoxicology and environmental risk assessment, our services range from standard assessments e.g. birds & mammals, non-target arthropods, to higher-tier approaches, e.g. design of bespoke ecotoxicity testing and ecological modelling. Follow these links for information on our ecotoxicology and environmental risk assessment services in the agrochemicals, biocides, REACH, human medicines and veterinary medicines sectors.

In addition to our regulatory work, we are active in the research and development of new and existing models and in regulatory guidance development. Some of our recent R&D involvements include:


Enviresearch’s James Garratt and Wendy van Beinum are champions of the innovative new MERLIN-Expo tool for simulating exposure to chemicals in the environment. A number of fate and exposure problems can be addressed by the tool with bespoke scenarios easily constructed thanks to its flexible, modular format. Features such as uncertainty and sensitivity analysis as well as the consideration of pharmacokinetics put this tool at the forefront of regulatory science. Enviresearch supports the training program for the MERLIN-Expo tool - please contact us for further information or explore explore MERLIN-Expo.


Development of Guidance on Aged Sorption

The Aged Sorption Guidance has come a long way since its first appearance in 2010. After a thorough review of the guidance, the EFSA PPR panel recently published a Statement in which they ask for adjustments and additional testing. Enviresearch team members Sabine Beulke and Wendy van Beinum play an important role in the development and revisions of the guidance.

Aged sorption (sometimes referred to as time-dependent sorption) describes the potential of sorption strength in soil to increase with time. Pesticides often show an increase in sorption strength over prolonged time, beyond what is measured in standard adsorption-desorption studies (OECD 106). An increase in sorption reduces the risk of leaching, and therefore reduces the risk of groundwater contamination. The purpose of the Aged Sorption Guidance is to provide a standard method for quantifying aged sorption for use in the risk assessment. Once an agreed guidance is approved, the proposed procedures will give applicants the option to account for aged sorption in the groundwater risk assessment (Tier 2a).

Enviresearch Foundation

The Enviresearch Foundation was established in 2015 following the work and success of Enviresearch Limited. The shareholders of the company decided to return some of these benefits to society at large, by annually providing funding for research and community engagement in a way that acknowledges the sources of the money. In 2015 the research supported by the foundation included the effectiveness of urban greenhouses and waste recycling, development of a tool to maximise land use productivity and biodiversity and the sorption characteristics of magnetic biochars in dealing with chemicals in soil. The same research funding is available for 2016 with further funding for community projects available through the Community Foundation.

If you have a great idea that matches the interests and scope of the fund have a look at the foundation website or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will be happy to have a chat about all things related to the Enviresearch Foundation.

Enviresearch Foundation, research and community engagement

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