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Endocrine disruption, Species sensitivity distribution (SSD), Endpoint refinement, Exposure refinement, Ecotoxicology risk assessment solutions

Endocrine disruption

Endocrine disrupting properties require specific evaluation under European legislation, including the regulation for Plant Protection Products (EC No 1107/2009), the revised Biocidal Products Regulation (COM(2009)0267), and REACH (EC 1907/2006).

The regulations on plant protection and biocidal products introduced a hazard based approval criterion. The marketing and use of chemicals can only be supported providing they do not have endocrine disrupting properties which may cause adverse effects in humans or non-target wildlife
species. The REACH regulation indicates that substances with endocrine disrupting properties will require further investigation before they can be authorised for use; continued use of these substances will be subject to restrictions.

In June 2016 the European Commission presented criteria for identifying endocrine disruptors in the field of plant protection products and biocides. The Commission proposes adopting a strong sciencebased approach for the identification of endocrine disrupters and to endorse the WHO definition.

Our knowledge and experience in the field of endocrine disruption including the review and contribution to draft guidance ensures our good position for navigating this developing field and advising our clients.

Our services include:
  • Weight of evidence reviews of endocrine disrupting properties for agrochemicals, biocides and chemicals falling under REACH
  • Data gap analysis
  • Development of testing strategies
  • Placement and monitoring of specific studies to detect endocrine disruption



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