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epec modelling tool

Envirsrch E PEC advanced risk assessment modelling tool

Our e-pec modelling tool is setting new standards by harnessing the latest step changes in data processing and hardware to deliver performance advantages that can’t be matched by conventional tools for the crop protection sector.

We have developed e-pec to significantly improve the process by which concentrations of plant protection products are predicted in edge-of-field surface water.

An essential feature of e-pec is the way it allows faster, easier and more cost-effective exploration of multiple risk assessment scenarios than has been possible to date.

The need for multiple simulations arises out of today’s increasingly demanding and complex regulatory requirements.

Where a single simulation may have been sufficient in the past, a hundred or more different simulations are now common in the search for the ideal combination of options to ensure both efficacy and safety. In response to market needs, e-pec has been specifically designed to streamline the whole process of undertaking these more demanding assessments.

Single user interface

A big drawback of conventional tools is their reliance on repetitious manual data entry. While this is fine for a small number of simulations, with larger numbers it can easily lead to mistakes.

e-pec resolves this problem by having just one interface screen. Each subsequent step in the modelling process is then achieved by the single click of a button.

With the e-pec approach, the whole modelling process is simplified and the likelihood of user input errors minimised. Contrast this with the current way of working, where multiple models – each with its own Graphical User Interface (GUI) – require multiple inputs. Current methods also depend on repeated user involvement at various stages throughout the process, something that can now be avoided.

Modelling time vastly improved

The new e-pec tool speeds up modelling time appreciably – for instance by up to 80% for a standard set of winter cereal FOCUS STEP 3 simulations. This frees up researchers to concentrate on the more difficult risk assessment questions posed by clients.

Simple input tables with clear and concise output reports

Another big advantage of e-pec’s technology is the simplicity of its data tables, which can be taken in at a glance. Their clearness further avoids the risk of inputting errors. e-pec generates output reports that clearly express the input parameterisation used in modelling, both substance and applications details. e-pec reports feature the most relevant results, such as maximum Predicted Environmental Concentration in surface water (PECsw) and the date of maximum PECsw. These can be used in the regulatory risk assessment for authorisation of plant protection products across the EU.




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