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Efficacy trials, Trials programme design and commissioning, Efficacy data management and analysis, Trials management


Our staff have extensive experience in agronomy, planning and conducting agrochemical field trials to GEP and EPPO standards as well as assessing efficacy data. We can assist in the design of robust trials programmes to obtain EU registration and provide expert analysis for dossier submission. We provide guidance on data requirements and changes to efficacy regulations as well as strategies to encompass them.

Our services include:
  • Trials programme design and commissioning
  • Efficacy data management and analysis
  • Data Gap Analysis and identification of required studies to support registration
  • Trials management using industry standard software
  • Statistical evaluation and summarisation of trials data
  • Advice on representative uses
  • Assessment of resistance risk
  • Assessment of risk to non-target organisms including adjacent and succeeding crops
  • Literature search and review
  • Preparation of Biological Assessment Dossiers (BADs)
  • Comparative Assessment for candidates for substitution

Enviresearch staff working in efficacy


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