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epec modelling tool

ACRE Logo 1  Assessment of Chemical Risks to the Environment

Acre has been created to take environmental fate modelling to the next level.

Acre now provides crop protection product developers with faster, easier and more cost-effective access to multiple data sets on environmental risk assessment than has been possible to date.  A key feature of the system is the simplicity of its data tables, which allow product developers to take in complex information at a glance.  A product of Enviresearch’s innovative approach to environmental modelling, ACRE is the result of extensive research and investment. 

With the introduction of ACRE, environmental risk can be evaluated across entire crop databases in one sweep (what we term 'GAP Analysis').  With GAP Analysis, protection product developers can now draw upon a service that will help them pinpoint opportunities more accurately than ever before. Environmental risk can be considered at the start of the product development cycle. This cuts the risk of time and money being wasted on a new product that never gets to market. ACRE will run the whole suite of FOCUS crops in the ground water model PELMO and in the standard surface water models at FOCUS STEP 3 and STEP 4. The ACRE GAP Analysis report will demonstrate the risk profile of your product over the full range of potential uses. The commercial impact of potential mitigation options can be evaluated well in advance of dossier submission.

Key Benefits of ACRE: 

  • Modelling time vastly improved
  • Single interface screen
  • Consistency across multiple runs


Enviresearch staff working on Acre


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